How To Use The Pili Pala Check-In Board

How To Use The Pili Pala Check-In Board


 Using the Pili Pala check-in board can eliminate ‘time outs’, power struggles, and tantrums as children learn to regulate their emotions safely.

It provides a safe environment for children to express their emotions and helps instill positive daily habits. 



Setting up a check-in space that is safe and cozy will give your child a safe environment where they can be open, honest, and vulnerable with you.


Agreeing on a designated time (it doesn’t have to be specific - it can be after school, before bed, etc) will teach your child that checking-in with your emotions is an important daily habit where they will have uninterrupted time with you to talk about their day. 


check in board



The first step to emotional regulation is awareness.

The playful activities included on the board is to make thinking, talking, and learning about emotions fun. Guide them through the board, but allow them to explore and complete the board at their own pace and on their own terms.

Be conscious of how your child responds to the activity.

If they respond in an expressive, cautious, or avoidant manner when you try to encourage them to talk about their feelings, don't force them.

Exploring the board without conversation will be helpful enough for them to start identifying their feelings, even if they don't want to talk about them. Remind them that there are no right or wrong answers and all feelings are okay and validated. 


feelings check in board



After helping your child identify and express their emotions, encourage problem-solving strategies by asking leading questions such as:

"Why do you feel this way?"

"What can you do to feel better?"

Again, if your child struggles to talk or ticks ‘NO’ on the ‘Do you want to talk about it?’ section, don’t force them and remind them that this is a space where can talk and express freely. 


mother and child hugging


To enhance your experience when learning about feelings and emotions with your child, our Pili Pala Feelings Cards and Pili Pala Bingo Packs are a great addition to promoting emotional regulation, problem-solving, and nurturing empathy, and social skills.


Taking the time to check in with your child not only teaches them the importance of being aware, mindful, and conscious of emotions and feelings, but gives you the opportunity to give your undivided attention to them, and only them, without interruptions. Your child will feel safe, empowered, listened to, and more connected with you.

Connection builds compliance.

By changing the way you talk and handle the emotions your child displays, you will change their unwanted and challenging behaviours that are primarily brought on by unregulated emotions, not feeling listened to, and needing connection.


mother and child laughing

All children deserve to feel powerful, safe and connected.

  • Samantha Cleaver
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