FEELINGS BINGO is a fun twist on traditional bingo that will help your kiddos develop key emotional intelligence skills such as identifying their own feelings and showing empathy towards the feelings of others.

This bingo game is different. Each calling card has a question or scenario attached to the emotion that is designed to promote open conversation and thoughts around the different emotions we feel.

This is a great game to play as a family and strengthen family relationships.

You get 10 downloadable feelings bingo cards and 60 calling cards: There are 4 different sets of 15 calling cards. 

After payment is confirmed, you will instant access to your resource ready to print and play!

FEELINGS BINGO is intended to promote the learning and practice of the following emotional intelligence skills:

♥ Developing emotional vocabulary and awareness by learning the names of common emotions so they can identify and express them openly.

♥ Understanding that feelings can change and it’s okay to feel them at different times.

♥ Applying feelings words to actual emotional experiences of self and others.

♥ Increasing awareness of one’s own feelings based on cues from the body (physical symptoms) and the brain (thoughts).

♥ Encouraging open conversations about scenarios that trigger certain emotions.

♥ Promoting problem-solving skills when faced with challenging and uncomfortable experiences.

The bingo sheets measure 18 x 14cm
The calling cards measure 9 x 13cm

Suitable for ages 5 and up.

Feelings Bingo

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